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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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child insulin while at school. >> reporter: it's a complicated and emotional debate. even president obama is weighing in. he is urging the california supreme court to allow diabetic students to get their shots from other school employees when a nurse is not available. we talk to parents, nurses and health care professionals all agree there is a lot at stake. school nurse sarah boyd helps students with type 1 diabetes check their glucose levels. >> we feel comfortable having nurses do it since it comes with risk. >> reporter: while there are nurses on staff to help care for the students 60 plus students that is not the case at many school districts. >> having a nurse that comes and goes doesn't do what needs to be done. they need somebody able to give
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the insulin. >> reporter: trina's daughter goes to a school in a district that doesn't have many nurses. now parents among with the american diabetes association are hoping california supreme court will allow nonnurses to administer insulin. >> we all learned to give insulin for our kids. we have to be able to let them go to friends' houses. >> the american diabetes association urges the california supreme court to recognize the fact that every child with diabetes has the right to access life saving insulin while at school to keep them healthy. >> reporter: the california nurse's association worries children may be at risk of complications if nonnurses are allowed to give the medication. the head of nurses says she sees both sides of the debate. >> delivering the wrong dose of insulin can be lethal.
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if you are trained to do it you can do it correctly. >> reporter: she always has her cell phone on hand and ready to run to school in a moment's notice. >> if they don't have someone on site heaven forbid there is an emergency. >> reporter: the american diabetes association tells us that half of the school districts in this state do not have a single nurse on staff while there are tens of thousands of students who have type 1 diabetes. the california supreme court will begin hearing arguments tomorrow. we understand it could take several months before they rule on the case. reporting live in walnut creek i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> now to a story you will see only on nbc bay area. schools in silicon valley are failing back and latino kids. it is the bottom line of a scathing education report funded
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by the walton family foundation and promotes education reform. who is to blame and what can be done? nbc bay area has an advanced copy of the report. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me the numbers are troubling but not surprising. although there are a few bright spots in this report the superintendent says everyone shares a part of the blame on this one. >> things are actually looking up at charter school in franklin mckinley school district made up mainly of low income latino children and test scores are among the best. >> i don't think the kids make up excuss. it is the adults around them. i have seen kids come in ready to conquer the world. >> reporter: a new report shows a failing school system, a system where latinos and african
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americans are failing. >> i have only had an opportunity to give it a cursory review. >> reporter: the santa clara county superintendent of public schools says the numbers are troubling. in san mateo and santa clara only 22% of latinos are alleged efficient by eighth grade. when it comes to preparing them for college only 20% of latinos will graduate in four years and be eligible to enter a uc school compared to 22% of african-americans, 53% white and 73% asians. >> i don't think anyone is going to look at the report and say i wasn't aware of it. i was aware of it before i accepted the position. that's what drew me to santa clara county. >> reporter: superintendent says it should be back to the drawing board for many school boards. he also points the finger at
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sacramento for slashing school funding. >> i think it is time to reinvest. if anything this report will under scoret that. >> there is no excuse. i think that is part of the reason that i actually changed my life's course because of the numbers. >> reporter: elizabeth alvarez has four children in san jose public schools and warns all parents to get involved. not when eight out of ten latino and black children are entering high school at an alarming disadvantage. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me this is not about being for or against charter schools. he says it is about the cold hard facts that are in this report which will be released tomorrow. we're live in san jose, nbc bay area news. investigators say they know who did it. san jose police have arrested one suspect and identified another in the city's ninth homicide of 2013. those suspects are identified as
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27-year-old mejia and lopez. mejia was killed during an officer-involved shooting. police say he rammed a police cruiser with a stolen car and then tried to run over the officer when the officer opened fire killing him. cannibalizing public safety, one of the many negative responses to a san jose city councilman's proposal to take from firefighters to increase police staffing. after a week that saw three homicides in five argumehours ts no arguments that things should change. but there are arguments with funding. this is not the first time the idea has come up. >> reporter: this idea goes back to 2011 grand jury report that suggested that the fire department could be a little
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smaller if it didn't respond to medical emergencies. but when we talk with public safety personnel they say the math just isn't that simple. when the san jose fire department responds to an emergency only three out of ten calls involve a fire. the rest are medical calls. now, in an effort to increase police staffing in a city that is on course to surpass last year's homicide rate one city councilman suggests letting private ambulances respond which would allow the city to cut the fire budget and add to the police budget. >> we could provide 110 more police officers tomorrow. >> reporter: state fire officials say it takes more than a year to recruit, hire and train a police officer. the fire chief says at 678 his department is smaller than it should be for a city of a million people and some medical emergencies take more than just medical personnel. >> many times we respond on calls it is a hazard area that
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our folks can work in that others cannot work in. >> reporter: acting san jose police chief declined comment for the story but the president of the san jose police union says cutting firefighters wouldn't benefit anyone. >> it seems that you are robbing peter to pay paul. if we need more ambulance people to do that we are going to be paying ambulance companies more money. >> rural metro would see more business under this proposal. it is worth noting that they oppose it with a spokesman calling the suggestion cost prohibitive. >> we are a compliment air public safety. we need police officers to provide their service. we are part of a public safety team. >> reporter: the fire chief adds that the city does not fund all of the department's staffing. the department qualifies for
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fema grants to bring back 78 firefighters. if the staffing levels change which is a requirement it is possible that not only will the city lose that fema money, it will have to pay some of it back. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. tonight police are asking for your help to catch a bank robber. these are surveillance photos of the suspect dressed in a purple shirt and tie during this robbery. it happened friday afternoon at 2:00 for the afternoon in campbell. he gave the teller a note demanding money and took off with the cash. billowing flames took over at a strip mall today. five other businesses are out of commission at least for a little while. the fire started just before 8:30 this morning. no word yet on the cause. one person had to be taken to the hospital after a fire tore through a house in a mobile home community in east palo alto. two people were inside when the fire started.
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one had to be treated for minor burns. firefighters did manage to knock the flames down but say the home is considered a total loss. no word yet on what started it. it looks like there will be nothing fast about getting california's bullett train on track. at a hearing preserving agricultural land continued to be one of the contentious issues still not resolved. today's hearing was supposed to provide an update on a plan that rocketed from $33 billion to $68 billion since 2008. >> so we can have a full business plan. we are not looking at appropriating any money. i am going to work with my colleagues to make sure that money is held up until there is a full business plan and a private investor. congressman says he will block anymore federal funding for the project until there is more private investors in it. officials are confident that
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private investors will step up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. quite a bit of a warmup today with upper 70s and low 80s. santa cruz at 81. south san joset at 77. a live look outside shows sunny skies. we'll talk about record heat returning and when it can hit close to 100 coming up. also ahead dangerous situation for buddy the horse. a dramatic rescue in the north bay. we will introduce you to the heroes who came to help. and then a mystery nearly solved at a local library. >> reporter: changes may be coming to the mall in san mateo. i'm cheryl hurd. i'll tell you why some people may not like it. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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add a lot of buzz and a lot of people. a well-known mall wants to get bigger and better. some don't like the idea because of traffic concerns. cheryl hurd joins us from hillsdale mall from san mateo with the details. i'm familiar with that mall. what is the plan. >> reporter: change makes some people uneasy and the owners of this mall are talking about making changes. and i talked to a lot of people today and some people are really concerned about it. sears is open for business at the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo but maybe not for long. >> i'm not sure whether sears will continue doing what they are doing. >> reporter: that is because the development company which owns the mall wants to replace sears with a target store. >> i think target would really add to the mall. >> reporter: here is an artist's rendition of the proposed project which would not only replace sears with target but
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would move out cost plus and move in a luxury theater. >> we used to have a theater there years ago. we loved it. it was so convenient for us. >> reporter: general manager said in a statement that the company wants to make changes because we believe the addition of a theater and new dining opportunities in an open air environment will be well received by shoppers and will make us more competitive and attractive. attractive to people moving into this growing peninsula city. the project is within walking distance to the mall. the new homes under construction on the site of the former racetrack are a sign of a resurgeant housing market and the concept of an urban village. that is good news for many but some also worryt that new developments will also bring a nasty side effect. >> hillsdale can only take so much. 28th avenue is supposed to connect on the west side with
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the east side. i don't know if that is enough to get the flow out of here. there is a concern. >> reporter: there is a study session for the san mateo planning commission. they are hosting it. it starts at 7 o:30 at the san mateo city hall. it is open to the public. three people under arrest in connection with a drive by shooting that happened this morning in san francisco. just before 4:00 at the bart station plaza. the suspects drove by that area and shot three men. two hit in the leg and the third in a stomach. one is in critical condition and two others expected to be okay. in an attempt to escape their backed their car into a squad car hurting one of the police officers who was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it's been talked about for more than a decade and now it is happening. a traffic barrier separating the
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flows of traffic on the golden gate bridge is expected to be in place by early 2015. want to show you a live look at the bridge which turns 76 years old yesterday. the barrier is 12 inches wide and a $26.5 million project. do you trust them on the road? governor brown signed a law allowing driverless cars but left it up to the dmv to figure out rules that apply. consumer safety groups expressed concerns. >> it is a very promising technology. we just want to see it done right so that you know we don't have irresponsible companies getting into this market. >> another issue the dmv is tackling is what kind of effect
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this will have on insurance rates. they want to have rules in place within the next 18 months. a bald spot on deer have wild life researchers concerned. deer hair loss syndrome is effecting animals statewide. symptoms range from a patchy looking coat to near complete baldness. it is also associated with poor nutrition and fawns affected by it often don't survive. researchers are getting blood samples from hundreds of animals. firefighters are still struggling to stop the wild fair. it has forced thousands of campers out of the area. the fire has forced thousands of holiday campers out. it is currently at this point 10% contained. yesterday we were talking about it being 5% contained. they have made a little progress but are being hampered by winds.
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>> it is going to get worst as we head throughout the week for southern cuth california and us. we have a surge in temperatures. quite a bit of warming here in santa cruz. from 1:00 this afternoon. we had 71 to 4:19 this afternoon santa cruz jumped ten degrees. winds out of the south at 1:00. and then north wind and a drying wind helped to catapult santa cruz. low to mid 70s back for the east bay. what we are tracking right now on the radar is a storm system off to the north. forecast models keep the rain to the north. what it is going to do for us is beef up the marine layer. we can't rule out more drizzle. let's get you live outside. you can see it is breezy down in the south bay with elevated fire concern.
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even on a day like this with how dry we have been as we take you to the north. you can see in palo alto we have the marine layer pushing throughout the san bruno gap and to san francisco international airport. you can see it is not too bad in san francisco. that fog is going to continue to increase as we head throughout the next three to six hours. the jet stream has been a little more to the south. we had showers yesterday but all bets are off. as we head throughout the next two to three days storm track heads to the north and here comes high pressure once again with dry northerly winds by thursday into friday and saturday gives us another surge of ten to 15 degrees. temperatures clearing coast line and drying winds which brings us to the other thing. will this be the hottest weather of 2013? right now it looks like it after drought conditions setting in right now. driest calendar year on record ever. we have had seven days at 90 degrees or higher in livermore.
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the hottest day was may 11 at 94 degrees. looks like we could hit 95 to 100 for parts of the east bay. the hottest stretch of weather coming our way. tomorrow more of a transitional day. we start with areas of clouds and drizzle at the coast line. then as we head throughout the afternoon hours temperatures are going to be warming up here with conditions expected in the upper 60s by 11:00 a.m. for the interior valleys. on our three day forecast we stay dry with this increasing heat by friday. 90s inland and 70s at the coast line. friday is my largest concern for that fire danger. if you are doing traveling or you do have family or friends living here across the plains we are following severe weather from chicago down to northern texas. tornado watches in effect. and for tomorrow unfortunately the folks that have dealt with that deadly ef-5 tornado in oklahoma city will be under a moderate risk here of
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potentially more tornadoes. it is going to be very, very severe weather outbreak throughout wednesday's forecast. we will have more coming back. >> just not easy for the folks in the mid best. forget cigarettes. the new concerns about what is showing up in an increasing number of kids' movies. expanding access to internet. the connection to blimp. hitting a home run for the junior giants. the contest that has come young ball players dreaming big tonight. back in a moment.
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well, better late than never. an east bay school library book originally checked out for overnight use has been returned 32 years later. the book is about birds checked
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out from the albany middle school library. it was just returned in pretty good shape in an envelope with no return address. it still carried a pouch with a checkout slip. there is a name on it but it is hard to read. the library has no record of the book. the librarian is not sure what they will do with it because the text is a bit dated. >> i remember those checkout slips. how about a road trip to los banos. a refurbished field for their junior giants was dedicated today. late last year after the world series victory the junior giants teamed up with buster posey to allow fans to vote on facebook for a field makeover. after six weeks of voting the kids from los banos won the
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contest. >> what it does say is very reflective in who the giants are because the giants want to be engaged in the community, not just the city of san francisco, but the entire area. and for los banos to be a part of that is huge. >> the $20,000 in renovations was facilitated by the good tidings foundation. a dangerous situation on the east coast as a freight train derails. what was on board. amazing video as firefighters rescue a baby trapped in an unlikely place. >> not much development for netflix. i'm scott budman. the bay area housing market is once again on fire. coming up, why the area is getting the most offers may surprise you.
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breaking news having to do with disneyland, mickey's toon town has been evacuated. anaheim police believe a dry ice related explosion from a water bottle in a trash can. we are talking about mickey's toon town in disneyland. we are hearing no one has been injured. the investigation is starting. if you are a bay area homeowner a new housing survey
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should leave you smiling. it shows the price of local real estate is soaring. more on why this boom may not bust anytime soon. >> reporter: the last housing boom was fuelled by loans it seems this one has been from a healthy stock market. while banks may be nervous about spending money it seems bay area home buyers are not. it is a good time to be a business in the bay area with consumer confidence hitting its highest level in seven years. it's also a good time to be selling a house. bay area home prices up 22% over the last three months doubling the growth rate of the rest of the country. >> areas such as south san jose, homes listed somewhere between $500,000 to $650,000 get quite a
6:31 pm
bit of offers once listed. >> reporter: where we found these two homes for sale right across the street from each other, $700,000 plus. this home asking 1.5 millions. and tech has a lot to do with it. lots of tech jobs with employees from all over the world able to cash in valuable stock options and able to spend more on that next house. >> it's a good time for the bay area definitely with the tech industry, a lot of immigration coming in, a lot of people from india taking the tech jobs. >> reporter: with at least one agent saying this housing boom feels more permanent than the last one. >> they just don't give anyone loans like they used to anymore. if someone buys with like 10% down you know they are qualified. >> reporter: qualified to bid on a house in one of the country's most expensive areas. if you add consumer confidence
6:32 pm
to the rising housing market you get a record on wall street's stocks climbing gend today on the strong data. tech headlines. new tonight at 6:00. the roller coaster ride continues for netflix. the company's stock dropped 6% in trading despite the company's much hyped and anticipated new episodes of "arrested development." fox cancelled the show seven years ago but netflix has brought it back. many predicted the new show would mean a huge boost in subscribers but critics have offered mixed reviews. it appears google is branching out. tonight there are reports that the mountain view based company plans to finance, build and help operate wireless networks from africa to southeast asia. a report shows google offering
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internet access to as much as a billion people in emerging companies. the company is said to be considering using low cost cell phones along with balloons and blimps to transmit signals from high altitudes. the report shows google has started small scale trials. the feds say there is nothing virtual about the crimes being funded by digital currency exchange company. prosecutors set down costa rica based reserve accused of laundering more than $6 billion. digital currency is traded over the internet made up of transferrable units that can be cashed in for dollars. >> cyber criminals should be reminded that they cannot hide behind the internet. >> reporter: the government says liberty reserve has more than a million userers world wide
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including at least 200,000 in the u.s. take it off and expect a trip to jail. paroled sex offenders who remove their gps tracking devices can face much harsher penalties. today the state senate approved legislation that would require six months in jail for the first time someone tampers with the tracking device. lawmakers say currently offenders face little punishment for removing their ankle bracelets. a massive collision sparked an explosion and fire that derailed 15 cars and damaged a building in maryland. the cargo train hit a commercial truck sparking a blast. the truck's driver was injured but is expected to survive. a fire that started during this crash is still burning. officials say the train was carrying hazardous chemicals but
6:35 pm
the cars with those chemicals were not damaged. president obama and chris christie played tourist this afternoon. the president proclaimed the jersey shore back in business just seven months after hurricane sandy washed away some of the famed boardwalk. president obama praised the strength and resilience demonstrated by the recovery effort so far. >> i saw what thousands of americans saw over the memorial day weekend. you are strongerer than the storm after all you have dealt with and been through the jersey shore is back and it is open for business and they want all americans to know that they are ready to welcome you here. >> a lot of cheering. the pair also tested their skills at an arcade game. political analysts say this is great publicity for governor christie who is running for reelection this fall. ahead at 6:00 we introduce you to the posse that helped save the life of a horse. and the children's movie trend that has adults
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increasingly concerned. i'm jeff ranieri yt nbc bay area weather center. temperatures in the upper 50s. a little bit of cloud cover. live look shows mainly clear skies at the coliseum. we will talk about a major warming trend and increased fire danger coming up in a few minutes.
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in health matters a provocative new study appears to show weight loss surgery for obese mothers could lead to skinnier children. it suggests it effects how the child's genes behave.
6:39 pm
research shows children born after their mom lost weight tend to be skinnier. numerous genes linked to obesity related problems tend to work differently. critics call the study incleat. alcohol appearing more and more often in kid movies. researchers say this could be leading to kids drinking at an earlier age. the study looked at tobacco and alcohol use. alcohol brand placement in rated g and pg are on the rise while tobacco products have dropped. alcohol placement is appearing more often on screen and increasing by about five appearances every year since 1996. jeff is back with us and apparently soon we will be flipping a switch and it is going to get hot.
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>> i would say thursday that switch i will be in the weather center and let it go. >> we control everything back here. that is an unknown secret. we have fog building. we will talk more about the fog forecast and drizzle and also that hot weather coming our way in just a few minutes. and i'm in the comcast sports spet news room. we have reporters with both teams. very hard to find a better preview than the one we have coming up next from the x finity sports desk so stay with us. [ male announcer ] a north atlantic lobster tail
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alongside a tender sirloin steak. it's sizzler's steak and lobster sensation for just $16.99!
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sizzler. this video makes you cringe. the rescue of a 2 day old infant
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from a sewerage pipe. people heard the infant crying. firefighters found the newborn stuck in a pipe. they cut the sewerage pipe out from the wall from the third floor. the pipe and the baby were taken to a local hospital where the doctors cut away the pipe piece by piece. the boy is alive and in stable condition. chinese authorities are treating the case as an attempted homicide. police have found the mother and the investigation is undergoing. a crane, a veterinarian and a lot of patience. it was a dramatic rescue of a horse stuck in a well. >> joe rosato, jr. shows us the posse that saved the day. >> firefighters were on scene. >> reporter: the thing about working in law enforcement is you have to be ready for anything. that was the case yesterday afternoon when marin county sheriff lieutenant answered the call of a horse stuck in a well
6:44 pm
at a san rafael stable. with the frightening scene playing out pittman literally called in marin county's mounted sheriff's posse. >> it was floating inside the well in about 15 to 20 feet of water. >> this was frightening because the only thing out of the water was his nostrils and his eyes. >> reporter: in addition to marching in parades and performing search and rescues the posse of mainly volunteers train for rescues. >> we can make a strap out of a piece of fire hose that i carry in my truck. i have this wide strap that we used as a sling. >> reporter: in a move worthy of mcgiver the men use this.
6:45 pm
>> you can't lift 1,100 pounds clear in a tractor so a crane is really about the best way to go. >> a crane showed up and hosted buddy out of the well with just a few scrapes. >> he stepped out of the slings like he had been doing it before. then touched the ground. it was a beautiful landing. >> reporter: it is safe to say the members of the posse didn't touch the ground either. >> nearly as good as finding a lost person. you want to get the horse out alive. >> that is a remarkably calm horse because they get spooked. >> the news room was cheering when buddy was out of the water. >> i love horses. >> it is great to see. some of you may be happy to see that warming weather coming our way. we look at our satellite radar picture. we have a small system off to the north. we have a lot of dry air across
6:46 pm
the bay area. i am a little concerned if you live in santa rosa you may get a few stray showers coming your way but for tonight going to help beef up the marine layerer. all eyes are focused on this huge ridge of high pressure offshore. this is going to be reminiscent of what we should have in july or august here. so much hot air out in the pacific going to force our temperatures close to 100 degrees coming up in the seven day forecast. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's look at tomorrow. definitely a transitional day. not hot and not on the cool side. everyone starts with areas of cloud cover at the coast and the bay. drizzle at the coast and make making it here from san francisco down to about palo alto. 11:00 a.m. a lot more sunshine, a lot quicker for your wednesday and temperatures warmer with low 70s expected at 11:00 a.m. inland. let's get you outside to our live camera network.
6:47 pm
in san jose we have the haze with us. trees blowing down a bit with elevated fire concern. to the north we have the marine layer that is building on the peninsula side. towards the east bay it is absolutely clear as we look off towards the east. there you can see emeryville that marine layer is building up quite a bit to about 1,000 feet off san francisco. that cloud cover is going to roll back in for tonight and stay put for tomorrow morning not only at the coast line but another morning where you wake up with clouds. all the way down to san jose and morgan hill. those of you in the north bay will start off can cloudy. we will have plenty of sunshine here. down to san jose, morgan hill. we hold on to areas of cloud cover through 1:00 p.m. and for areas in marin, napa and sonoma counties. we are not going to see our first full on sunny day until temperatures start to warm up.
6:48 pm
hot, dry air in place to creep in by thursday. our first fog free day coming our way as we head throughout thursday morning. a nice break for us. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 50s to start for tomorrow morning. 55 in san jose. daytime highs tomorrow will be going up a little bit. again, not extremely hot. 75 in san jose. 76 in morgan hills. close to 80 degrees. 74 in pleasanton and 77 back for livermore. not quite 70s in san francisco but on the seven day forecast we have the heat coming our way. the the allergy forecast is going up. as the temperatures get hot and we get the wind blowing around especially on friday if you suffer from allergies you may want to limit your outdoor exposure it will get uncomfortable. we have beach weather coming our way saturday and sunday so maybe fresh salt air will do you some
6:49 pm
good. >> thank you very much. $535 million. the nba board of governors approved the sale of the kings. the question now, what happens to his stake in the warriors. he is the founder of palo alto's software must sell his sizable share of ownership in the warriors. he becomes the first indian born majority owner of an nba franchise says he might try to keep a small share of warriors ownership while he owns the kings. >> i have no doubt that there will be a lot of people wanting to buy that stake. i have asked the commissioner of the nba if they would perhaps let me pass on some of the ownership to a trust because i will always be a warriors fan and i would love to continue to
6:50 pm
have that stake. for the warriors to the bay bridge series. the giants and as getting ready to go at it in oakland. dave feldman joins us now. >> how is this for pressure? you have never pitched in a major league baseball game before. you are getting a chance to do it against the rivals to the east. that the scenario tonight. >> mike arrived here monday afternoon from colorado springs. he does have three legitimate major league pitches. his slider, curveball and fastball. the key to his success today will be how he approaches the game mentally. >> i think you are going to be nervous no matter what. as long as you remember in a
6:51 pm
major league game, just have fun with it. and compete just like you did in the minor leagues, he was doing awesome the last couple of starts had. if he does his thing he will be all right. >> for me the game was so fast. not that it was any faster than any other game but being here and everything seemed like i was in and out before i even remembered what happened. >> reporter: and another interesting tidbit. he is currently room mates with bruce bochy's son, brett, in aaa fresno. he could be up here for two starts. bruce bochy said they need another starter on june 2. for more on the as let's send it over to kate longworth. >> the athletics have won nine of the last ten games. a victory tonight over san francisco would guarantee at least a series split. this matchup goes beyond the battle of the bay.
6:52 pm
for the ars there is a satisfaction that comes. >> defending world series champs. obviously that is our goal. to not only make the playoffs but get the ring. that is our goal to be able to beat them is huge. >> i think anytime you get a win especially against a defending world series champ it is a good thing. we definitely feed off the crowd here. >> it is much different environment than you are used to playing in anywhere else. it can be exciting that way. getting a first win especially here at home is important. you have to follow it up today. the players told me they hope to rally the rookie a bit. he got his first major league hit off madison bumgarner. he hopes he will be saying he gave up his first hit to norris. i'm kate longworth for nbc bay
6:53 pm
area news. hayden is in a bay area hospital after undergoing surgery to remove scar tissue from his abdomen. he has a history of a serious heart injury. dennis allen more than a little concerned. >> well, it is obviously not a good thing from a football standpoint. you know, as a rookie you need all of the reps you can get and all of the work you can get. and then obviously when you combine that with tracy being out for really most of last week and potentially this week we'll see, that kind of sets us back a little bit. >> there's also injury news for the san francisco 49ers today. staly recently had surgery on his left knee to repair a minor miniscus tear. he should be good to go by
6:54 pm
training camp. that's a look at sports. did you beat one-on-one? >> quite a sight, huh? >> i'm glad you said that and not me. >> we're back in a moment.
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6:56 pm
want to share with you a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. they are outraged that the university failed to take action against a professor who admitted to crossing the line in his office with run of his students.
6:57 pm
exposed that officials did not -- he called it consensual. she says it is an assault. students are calling on administrators to fire mathis because they say his behavior violates faculty guidelines. >> if the university is not going to do anything then we are going to raise awareness. you can hear more from the students and see the petition asking university officials to take action in our full investigation tonight at 11:00 here on nbc bay area. one quick look with our forecast. >> we have temperatures warming up as we head throughout this friday, saturday and sunday with low to mid 90s inland and 70s at the coast and increased fire danger by friday and saturday, as well. it is going to heat up and great beach weather. >> flip that switch. >> thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you tonight at 11:00.
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join nbc bay area at the uso salutes our heroes 5 k run/walk. visit for information.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra." justin bieber in fast and furious new trouble. another reckless car race through a kid packed neighborhood. but was it beebe behind the wheel? >> guess which neighbor chased him down. >> amanda bynes disguised in a dark wig, her twitter rant against rihanna. >> and i am in new york city, why the nypd just shot down her claim she was sexually abused. them and now trending, beyonce's caught on camera but tack. >> how she put a cheeky fan in her place. >> a morning show prank on kellie and michael. >> oprah! >> memorial day star sighting. tiger and lindsay's jetski date with the kids. leo yachting with a boat full


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